Transform your open space into an active sport play area! We have all been stuck inside too long and these courts take gym activities outside in a whole new way.

  • Play soccer, basketball, pickleball, hockey, volleyball, badminton, tennis, soccer-tennis, and handball
  • Social, community gathering, and skill building
  • Minimum area needed 40’x75’
  • Install on existing tennis court or asphalt, or with artificial turf
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Carefully designed for fun, safety, durability and sustainability
  • Manufactured by Agorespace since 1989

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Multi-Sport Field

Multi-Sport Field

Multi-Sport Fields are available in four different sizes and will provide countless hours of outdoor sports fun!

Tennis-Soccer on Multi-Sport Field

Sports in Action

The tennis net is set up for a fun game of tennis-soccer!

Multi-Sport Field Sizes

4 Models Available

Choose from 4 different Multi-Sport Field models with varying dimensions.

Multi-Sport Field Bag of Gear

Bag of Gear

We provide a bag of gear to get started including a net, 4 balls, and 12 pinnies in 2 colors.

Multi-Sport Field Score Counter

Score Counter

Each Multi-Sport Field features a built-in score counter.

Muti-Sport Field Net

Reinforced Net

The nets are reinforced with a fire-proof steel cable.