Parks connect people with the great outdoors! Communities come together, children play, and health increases when outdoor spaces are engaging and successful. NuToys Leisure Products understands the treasure of the earth and the importance of connecting people with it through recreation.

Equipment that last longer, functions better, and is serviceable is clearly more sustainable. NuToys plays a big part in this process because of the service that we provide. We keep careful records of what we sell so we can assist with providing replacement parts quickly. Purchasing high quality equipment creates real savings in the long run – for the earth as well as financially.

We have partnered with local manufacturers who identify sustainability as a core value. They take their mission of environmental responsibility to a much deeper level. Through ISO 14001 certification Landscape Structures has documented award-winning environmental practices in manufacturing, operations, and product design.

Recycled materials are extensively used across our product lines: plastic, aluminum, rubber, and steel. We are happy to provide information on recycled content of our products. We also have information available for LEED projects. We can use signage to teach children how product design and selection can “close the loop” on recycling efforts – and their efforts really matter.

Our Manufacturers

We work with only the finest manufacturers who meet the strongest safety and quality standards.

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