Crab Trap™

Endless opportunities for climbing and exploration are built into this towering net climber. Read More

FitCore™ Extreme

Design your own high-intensity fitness course by choosing from 10 pre-designed challenges for 5-12 year olds, or 15 challenges for teens and adults. Read More


Kids of all abilities can spin together on this modern, wheelchair accessible merry-go-round.  Available with two or three seats, and perforated panels or DigiFuse Panels. Read More

Vibra™ Chimes

Choose individual chimes with unique notes or combine all 8 for a full diatonic scale. Read More

Cascata™ Bells

Try out each of the ten bells that are arranged vertically to create this compact, wheelchair accessible instrument. Read More

Tongue Drum

Explore the six distinct notes that are laid out in the different “tongues” on the face of this drum. Read More

Friendship Swing™

Grab a friend and take a ride on this new multi-user swing that allows for face-to-face swinging fun! Read More