Friendship Swing™

Grab a friend and take a ride on this new multi-user swing that allows for face-to-face swinging fun! Read More

FitCore™ Extreme

Design your own high-intensity fitness course by choosing from 27 pre-designed challenges for teens and adults. Read More

SmartPlay® Centre

For 2-5 year olds, choose from the Loft, Fire Station or Market Cafe structures or combine all 3 to create the SmartPlay Centre! Read More


Liven up your play space with new spring riders in vivid, full-color graphics. Choose from 9 standard designs or submit your own custom artwork. Read More

Alpha Link™ Towers

Add height to your playground with double towers that offer numerous opportunities for kids to climb, slide and explore!  Also available as a single Alpha tower. Read More

Facet™ Forms

Give your playground a modern, natural look with Facet Forms made of durable & low-maintenance pre-cast concrete. Read More


Add some unique climbing to your playground with GeoPlex™ panels for 5-12 year olds.  These abstract, versatile panels can be connected to a deck, used on a tower with or without cables, or stand alone as an independent climber. Read More

Global Motion™

Liven up your play space with the new Global Motion™ spinning net climber!  The double-decker design allows kids to climb and explore the inside or outside, all while rotating at a controlled speed. Read More