Teens and adults can get a great fitness workout out at the park with our HealthBeat™ fitness stations or our FitCore™ Extreme challenge course equipment! Designed for ages 13+.

The new HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness System brings the best of the gym to the great outdoors. Perfect for parks, trails or next to your playground, HealthBeat uses the latest exercise methodologies to provide a tailored workout for teens and adults of all fitness levels. Its sleek, intuitive design complements any natural setting and you can pair two stations on the same post to save space and money.

Our FitCore Extreme challenge course equipment is made from the most rugged materials and carefully constructed for years of outdoor use.  Choose from 24 unique obstacles that conform to the new fitness standard ASTM F3021.


Elliptical & Squat Press

The Elliptical is a popular cardio machine that provides a low-impact, full body workout.  Adjustable resistance on the Squat Press helps targets leg muscles. Read More

Pull-Up/Dip & Hand Cycler

Target the upper body with the Pull-Up/Dip Station.  The Hand Cycler is wheelchair-accessible and helps increase both strength and cardiovascular fitness. Read More

Assisted Row/Push-Up

The Assisted Row/Push-Up station provides a full upper-body workout through its multiple bars of varying heights.  Only HealthBeat Station that cannot share a post. Read More

Parallel Bars & Balance Steps

Two levels of Parallel Bars allow users of varying fitness levels to target the upper body.  The Balance Steps help strengthen balance and coordination. Read More

Cardio Stepper & Plyometrics

Adjustable resistance on the Cardio Stepper allows for a great aerobic workout.  Increase your muscle power for explosive motions using the Plyometrics steps. Read More


Streeeeeetch!  Reduce muscle tension and work out those kinks on the Stretch station.  Stretching increases range of motion and improves circulation. Read More

Welcome Sign

Receive a complimentary HealthBeat Welcome Sign with the purchase of nine or more HealthBeat Stations. Read More

FitCore™ Extreme

More Fitness Stations