Freestanding play elements add extra fun and excitement to new and existing playgrounds. They can be arranged around a play structure or combined solo to create a unique play environment. They can also work well for small spaces and/or small budgets.

Landscape Structures Sky Rail Climber


Freestanding climbers increase the challenge level for any play area and encourage children to test their strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Read More

Landscape Structures We-Saw


Seesaws are a long-time favorite on the playground and promote collaborative play.  Options include 2-seat, 4-seat, multi-user, or stand-up seesaws. Read More

Landscape Structures Oodle Swing


Every kid loves to swing!  Choose from a variety of swing frames and seats to complete your play area.  Multi-user swings, tire swings, and ADA swings also available. Read More

Landscape Structures Wiggle Worm Tunnel

More Fun

The wiggle worm tunnel is sure to bring some giggles!  Add more fun to your play area with a crawl tunnel, fire engine, or dinosaur climber. Read More

Landscape Structures Elevated Sand Table

Sensory Play

Sensory play is a vital part of child development.  Provide opportunities for tactile, visual, auditory, and imaginative play through activity panels, sand and water play, paint panels and more. Read More

Landscape Structures Custom Sign


A custom sign is a great way to welcome visitors, convey a message, or complete a theme.  Choose from a variety of rugged materials including permalene, steel, concrete, or DGI on metal. Read More

Landscape Structures Rushwinder Slide


Slides are a playground staple.  Kids exercise their legs on the climb and feel an exhilerating rush on the slide down.  Spiral, wave, short and tall, we offer them all! Read More

Landscape Structures Flywheel Spinner


Spinners promote balance and coordination by providing vestibular stimulation that is critical to brain development.  Choose from an assortment of single and multi-user spinners. Read More

Landscape Structures Acorn Seat


Kids love a place to perch and take a break after running around the playground.  We offer several seating options that coordinate well with our playground equipment. Read More

Landscape Structures ZipKrooz

Zip Lines

Wheee!  Take an exhilerating two-way ride on our ZipKrooz!  The ZipKrooz is available with a standard or assisted seat, in track lengths of 34′, 50′, or 66′. Read More

Landscape Structures Rhapsody Instruments

Musical Instruments

The new Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments provide an opportunity for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively on the playground.  Choose from 6 fully accessible instruments. Read More

Landscape Structures Double Bobble Rider

Spring Riders

Spring riders are a playground classic and come in a wide variety of designs.  The horse, motorcycle, 2-seat airplane, and Bobble Rider (shown above) are some of our most popular designs. Read More