We are passionate about providing all-inclusive playgrounds where children of all abilities can laugh, play, and grow together. Inclusive playgrounds allow for physical accessibilty at a minimum, but also provide sensory-rich experiences that stimulate the proprioceptive, vestibular, and tactile sensory systems.

Accessible Ramped Play Structure

Play Structures

Inclusive playstructures feature a wide range of activities to fully engage the senses and help all children develop physically, socially, and emotionally:  sliding, spinning, swinging, climbing, social, and tactile. Read More

Ramped Play Structure

Accessible Routes

Playgrounds are required by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) to be accessible to those in a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Read More

Landscape Structures Sound Chimes Reach Panel

Activity Panels

Activity panels add to the play experience by providing sensory-rich auditory, visual, and tactile experiences.  Children of all abilities can play alongside one another and learn together. Read More

Landscape Structures We-Saw


We offer many multi-user play components that promote social interactions between children of all ages and abilities. Read More

Landscape Structures Rollerslide

Sensory Stimulation

Children learn about the world around them through sensory play.  Our playgrounds stimulate all 7 senses:  tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular, visual, audity, motor planning, and social/imaginative. Read More

Landscape Structures Rhapsody Grandioso

Musical Instruments

The new Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments provide an opportunity for kids of all ages and abilities to express themselves creatively on the playground.  Choose from 6 fully accessible instruments. Read More