Whether you need a spot to park two bikes or twenty, we’ve got a bike rack to suit your needs. From a simple one-loop rack to a personalized bike-shaped rack, explore some of our options below.

Loop Wave

Available in 10 different sizes to hold between 5 and 13 bikes.  Model #125-30 shown. Read More

Single Loop

Install just one Single Loop bike rack or group many together to create a bike parking lot.  Model #199 shown. Read More

Grid Bike Rack

Choose from 5, 7, 7, 11, 13, or 15 openings in the Grid Bike Rack.  Model #188-11 shown. Read More

Parking Meter Bike Rack

This circular steel bike rack attaches to a parking meter and is available in your choice of 22 colors.  Model #444 shown. Read More

PW Athletic

Round-Up Bollard

Available in 3 post sizes, the attractive Round-Up Bollard bike rack holds two bikes in a small footprint.  Model #1703-05 shown. Read More


The Arches bike rack is available with either 4, 8, or 16 bike spaces in all galvanized steel.  Model #1604-08 shown. Read More


Choose from two different frame sizes and parking for 6, 8, or 10 bikes with the Oxford bike rack. Model #1610-08 shown. Read More

Landscape Structures

Single Arch

The Single Arch bike rack has a sleek modern design and offers maximum design flexibility.  Install just 1 or install several in any configuration to meet your needs. Read More

Triple Arch

Add a modern touch with the Triple Arch bike rack, which offers 1 large arch and 2 smaller arches configured as shown. Read More

Leaf Bike Rack

The decorative Leaf Bike Rack is made of TenderTuff coated steel and holds up to four bikes. Read More