Keep the environment clean and free from trash by offering plenty of litter and recycling receptacles in your community space. Choose receptacles that coordinate with your other site furnishings or select from our many different style and material options.

DuMor Steel Litter Receptacle

Steel Receptacles

DuMor offers a variety of Steel receptacles that coordinate well with their benches and tables.  Model #157 shown. Read More

DuMor Recycled Plastic Litter Receptacle

Wood & Recycled Plastic

Choose between Douglas Fir, Ipe, or Recycled Plastic slats and select a color for the steel frame.  Model #502 shown. Read More

DuMor Recycling Receptacles


Save space and money with a combination receptacle for trash and recycling.  Customize one by choosing the cover type, hole shape, capacity and colors. Model #435 shown. Read More

Landscape Structures

Landscape Structures Wood Grain Litter Receptacle


The Wood-Grain litter or recycling receptacle will easily blend in to any natural surroundings.  Slats made of recycled polyethylene in cedar and mink colors. Read More

Landscape Structures Arches Litter Receptacle


The Arches litter or recycling receptacle adds a modern touch and is a perfect complement to an Evos or Weevos playstructure. Read More

Landscape Structures Kaleidoscope Recycling Receptacle


Match your site furnishings to your playground by choosing two alternating Permalene colors for the Kaleidoscope litter or recycling receptacle. Read More

Additional Options

Plastisol-Coated Receptacle


Choose from round or square Plastisol-Coated Receptacles in a variety of sizes for an attractive, maintenance-free trash solution!

Receptacle with Recycled Plastic Planks

Recycled Plastic Planks

Made of 2″ x 4″ recycled composite planks, these 32-gallon receptacles come with a removable plastic container and your choice of 7 different lid styles.