Need outdoor tables for your local community park, camp, school, or business? Check out below for a small sample of the manufacturers and types of tables we offer. Create a classy, coordinated environment by matching your tables to your other site furnishings using one of our outdoor furniture collections.

DuMor Model #101-40 Table

Steel Tables

DuMor finishes their Steel Tables with a state-of-the-art polyester powder finish; choose from 22 standard colors.  Model #101-40 shown. Read More

DuMor Model #76-24I Wood Table

Wood Tables

Choose between high-grade Douglas Fir or Ipe wood and select a color for the steel frame.  Model #76-24I shown (also available in Recycled Plastic). Read More

DuMor Model #78-32PL Game Table

Game Table

Encourage a little outdoor fun and competition with a Game Table from DuMor.  Model #78-32PL shown. Read More

Wabash Valley & Urbanscape

Wabash Valley Signature Picnic Table

Signature Picnic Table

Select a style for Wabash Valley’s plastisol-coated Signature Picnic Tables – rectangular, square, oval, circle, octagon, or children’s height.  Model #SG106D shown. Read More

Wabash Valley Spyder Picnic Tables

Spyder Picnic Table

The open-design legs on Wabash Valley’s Spyder Picnic Tables makes clean-up easy!  Available in children’s heights.  Model #SY215D shown. Read More

Wabash Valley Model #SP211D Game Table

Game Table

Checkerboard Game Table inserts can be added to both the Signature and Spyder Picnic Table lines.  Model #SP211D shown. Read More

Landscape Structures

Landscape Structures Poly Picnic Table

Poly Picnic Table

Made of extra-thick recycled polyethylene planks, the Poly Picnic Table is available in a variety of configurations to accommodate wheelchairs. Read More

Landscape Structures TenderTuff Picnic Table

TenderTuff Picnic Table

The TenderTuff Picnic Table is available in 72″ or 92″ lengths for the table and seats.  Choose a 92″ table and 72″ seats to maximize wheelchair accessibility. Read More