Rubber playground tiles are made of rubber granules that are bonded together into the top wear layer. The top wear layer is then bonded to a resilient underlayment made of 100% post-consumer recycled SBR and polyurethane. The system is not seamless, but still has the lowered maintenance properties of a unitary surface. It is easier to repair or replace a single tile than a poured surface in the long run. It can be installed over concrete, asphalt, or crushed stone and does not require a factory trained installer.

Surface America UltraTile surfacing

UltraTile Play

Surface America’s UltraTile Play system is IPEMA certified and manufactured in the USA.  It meets 6’ critical fall heights per ASTM F-1292. Read More

Multi-Colored Tiles for playground surfacing

Multi-Colored Tiles

You can choose to install tiles of all one color, or create a design in the surfacing by using a combination of colored tiles.  The different colored tiles in the play space above add visual interest.

Combination of UltraTile and EWF playground surfacing


Depending on your needs and budget, a combination of Rubber Tiles and Engineered Wood Fiber might be the best option.  Contact us to help design your surfacing layout details.